Thursday, November 28, 2013

Different Carpet, Different Room

When selecting the type of carpet to dry areas, such as living room, bedroom, or family room, we usually will not be bothered with complicated choices. We can put any type of carpet, so we focus only on the motif and color. It is different case when we choose carpet for wet and humid areas, such as the shower, bathtub, or steam room. It is difficult to choose the type of carpet fiber in the room because the carpet will not dry completely. This can lead to the growth of mold or mildew under the carpet that often we do not realize.
You should select carpet which is specifically designed for humid area. These carpets usually have a different character to the common carpet. So, this carpet is not expected to be a container of moss or fungus growth.
Want to know what type of carpet suitable for a slightly humid area ? Find out the answer to the following explanation.
1. Throw Rug
This type of carpet is quite resistant to moist conditions, but requires regular cleaning so as not to become a source of fungal growth. No need to worry, because the type of carpet is portable and easily washable
Throw rug comes in small and large sizes. This carpet is used as an extension and put at the side room. We should wash them periodically, and it also needs to be dried regularly anyway. Washing is intended to remove dust and bacteria that can cause mold, exposing more of an effort to eliminate the moisture so that the carpet does not become a source of growth and development of fungi.
2. Olefin
Olefin is one material that is made from synthetic fibers. This carpet is flexible enough to be placed anywhere, be it in an indoor or outdoor. This carpet is also deliberately designed to withstand areas with high humidity.
If in the past, carpet is usually made of coarse material and looks less attractive, there are more rugs made with a soft synthetic material through the manufacturing process, one of which is made of olefin. These carpets are standardized for indoor use, including rooms with high humidity area. Olefin is an example, the design is made to hold the fiber is placed in a wet area without causing moisture to the surface. Thus, mold and mildew can not grow.
3. Several other synthetic fiber materials
Besides olefin, there are other resistant synthetic fibers which is in areas with high humidity, ie, nylon and polyester. Although they are not as good at absorbing moisture as olefin, at least two synthetic fibers is still better than the natural fibers in general. This is quite understandable, because mold and mildew can take "nutrients" which is contained in the natural fibers. So that mold and mildew can thrive and flourish. While the synthetic fibers provide no food that can be absorbed.
In addition to the above factors, there are other factors that make synthetic fibers are more resistant to mold and mildew. This is because some manufacturers add ingredients as well as an additional treatment that makes the carpet does not absorb water and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. However, not all synthetic fibers undergo special treatment. In buying carpet, you should check whether there are additional treatment is applied to the carpet so that the carpet is quite resistant in humid areas.
4. Padding
Although you have selected the right carpet for the moist area, but if the padding is not good enough, then you will encounter another problems. Padding is the part of the carpet with the main function is to resist moisture and resist bacteria and germs, so it does not stick to the carpet. We often encounter good quality carpet with low quality padding which allows mold and mildew to grow under the carpet.This may not be detected for a long time, especially if you rarely wash or dry the carpet.
However, when it starts to smell of mildew from carpets, then you will soon realize that it has a lot of mold and mildew growing under the carpet. If allowed, this mold spores floating in the air and can cause allergies to serious health problems.
Although some carpets have been designed to hold moisture in the area, but occasionally you should hang the rug in direct sunlight. So, the carpet can dry completely and the germs or bacteria could disappear.
Good luck!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Design Your Own Laundry Space

How to choose the better design of decoration, appliances, wall colors, and lighting for a laundry room in a small house.

Washing is a routine activity that is usually done by housewives. They do it manually or use a washing machine. Washing activity should be done in a special room to increase the effectiveness of the laundry activity. Unfortunately, there are many housewives who do the laundry in the backyard of the house, especially when they do these activities manually. Backyard is usually an open space, allowing exposure of direct sunlight. The backyard is not a preferable place to do the laundry. Besides the direct exposure will make the launderer uncomfortable, the laundry activity will create water puddles in your backyard

Besides the backyard, the favorite location is in the bathroom. Bathroom is a wet area, so it is reasonable water-related activity. But, doing laundry in the bathroom is also not the right way. Because by doing laundry in the bathroom, we will cause the other family members unable to use the bathroom for other activities such as bathing.

If this is true for you, there is no way other than setting up a special room for doing laundry. The room is usually called laundry room. There is no hassle to create a laundry space. Simply create a small compact space, which are located a little further to the rear of the house. However, because the size is small, we can not place many things here. Then, you need to list items that could be included here.

Not only that, you also need to pay attention to other details, such as the selection of lighting and wall color. This time we will present you some tips of designing laundry room.

1. Appliances

For a small laundry room, do not put a lot of appliances. Simply place a significant appliances, such as washing machines and dryer (drier) together in a single unit, with a minimalist design. For the small laundry room size design, choose a front-loading washer and dryer because the smaller size, the unit is the most appropriate unit to be placed in small areas. Or, you can get the dual-function washer and dryer. This will make the unit more compact and functional.

2. Provide additional washing tools

Sometimes, you may need to manually wash certain clothes. There will be additional equipment provided, such as buckets, brushes of various sizes, laundry soap, detergent, bleach, laundry perfumes. Make sure to provide the tools and make sure not to run them out. Also, provide hanger, clothes pin, or strap which can be useful for drying clothes.

3. Storage cabinets and a place to hang clothes

Given the small size of the laundry room, take advantage of the wall area. You can use it as a storage medium by placing a wall cupboard. Do not forget, attach some hooks for hanging clothes bag - the bag of dirty clothes before washing. You can make a sort of clothesline in this room.

This clothesline is used to hang the wet clothes, especially in the outdoors when the weather is raining. If the presence of clothesline in the laundry room not preferable,you can put a drying rack to hang wet clothes instead.

4. Color and Lighting

You need to be careful in the color and lighting selection, given the size of the laundry room is small. Do not wrongly choose color and lighting which can further cause the darkened atmosphere in the laundry room. In the color selection, do not choose dark colors or flashy colors like red, orange, or purple. Try to choose colors that can give the impression of light and spacious in a small room, such as light blue, beige, light green, or light yellow. Do not give a lot of ornaments and embellishments. Let the room plain.

For lighting problems, keep the light at maximum here. Laundry room is usually placed slightly backwards and its position in the corner of the room. The position makes the sun light difficult to get into, causing this room minimum intensity of solar radiation. Thus, we need large wattage lamp and bright light to assist you on the laundry process. Or, you can choose the LED lights, which with a small wattage, you can get the maximum lights. If necessary, install recessed lighting for additional lighting.

Good luck :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Removing Cigarette Odor at Carpets

Simple Tips to eliminate the smell of cigarettes on the carpet.

Are you or your family active smokers? Certainly, cigarette smoke odor problems often influence the atmosphere of your house. Yes, the cigarette smell is quite sharp odor and easily attached to all interior of the house. The smell of cigarettes is not easily cleared. Cigarettes odor smell which is attached to the furniture inside the house is certainly very disturbing, especially for those who are allergic or dislike the smell of cigarettes.

The cigarettes smoke odor is unhealthy if it is inhaled for too long because it can cause health problems. Not surprisingly, the passive smokers are also potentially suffering from health problems as bad as they were actively smoking.

Cigarettes smell which attaches in the furniture will cause inconvenience when we invite guests or colleagues who dislike the cigarettes. The smell of cigarettes will attach to the carpet because its material is easy to absorb strong odors around the room.

You need to find a solution to eliminate the smell of cigarettes on the carpet. Do not let the smell of cigarettes attach to the carpet too long, since the longer it is attached, the harder to remove.

So, what is the solution? Should we get rid the carpet and buy a new one? Wait a minute! Buying new carpet is not the right solution, because this will certainly drain your budget. The best solution is to remove the smell of cigarettes on the carpet with a special liquid and baking soda.

To more clearly how to apply the 2 materials for cleaning carpets , see the following description.


1. Clean carpets of dust and dirt.

Sprinkle "allergen-reducing deodorizing powder" to remove cigarette smell. Wait for overnight and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the day after.

2. Sprinkle baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) on the carpet.

Let them in the carpet for a few moments, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust. Baking soda is the deodorizing agent for a very strong odor and pungent. Baking soda can be used not only to remove the smell of cigarettes, baking soda can be relied upon to eliminate a wide range of odors, so it is recommended as cleaning materials for other household appliance.

3. Rinse the carpet with a special soap.

In order cigarette odor and stains on carpet can be dissipated more effectively, create a solution consisting of a mixture of warm water, vinegar, soap and shampoo or carpet cleaning. In contrast to the function of baking soda to eliminate odors, vinegar functions as a neutralizing odors, especially strong odors. Not surprisingly, after cleaning with vinegar, then the carpet will feel resembling vinegar smell for a while. However, this smell will not last long, and soon, the carpet will be back to normal smell.

4. Dry the carpet in the sun to dry.

Only after the carpet dries, spray the spray deodorizer to remove the rest of cigarette smell. This spray also proven to absorb and eliminate odors.

Tips and Advice

  • If you intend to remove the smell of cigarettes on the carpet effectively, you need to stop smoking while cleaning the carpet. Because if you stubbornly smoke while cleaning, the odor will be infused into the carpet.
  • Carpet cleaning needs patience. Because of the large size of the carpet,you could feel overwhelmed. If the size of the carpet is too large and you are not able to handle it yourself, you can submit them to the carpet laundry services.
  • You can install air purifier to help eliminating odors. Air purifier is able to neutralize air condition, eliminate odors, while killing harmful particles which threaten health. Cigarette smoke can be absorbed by the purifier.
  • Besides carpet, other items in the house have the potential to absorb cigarette odor, including pillowcases, couch, curtain. To remove the smell of cigarettes on the goods, you can still use baking soda or vinegar.
  • Open doors and windows to neutralize the smell of cigarette smoke is in the room and recycle the fresh air in the room

Monday, September 16, 2013

Low Light Room Decoration

Do you find some rooms in your house which receive inadequate sunlight? How do you cope with the problem? Organizing and decorating the low-intensity sunlight room could be easy or difficult. We need to conjure tricks to furnish this particular type of room. Basically, the designs are absolutely should be in your own taste. But to get the optimal room functionality, there are several tips to consider.
The minimal sunlight exposure rooms tend to be dark, dim, and a bit humid. You can turn it into a more cheerful and colorful room, with a choice of wall color, furniture, decor, and the proper room lighting. The room could be arranged into your own taste.
At least, there are 6 elements you need to consider in decorating the room, they are walls, shape and position of the windows, lighting, furniture, flooring, and accessories. Below are the explanations about each elements.
1. Wall
For minimal room lighting, do not choose the white as the wall color, especially for a north-facing room. Because the light will tend bluish. If you choose to paint the walls with the white, it will create a blend of blue and white light, which will produce impersonation of a hospital room. You should choose a wall color other than white, but still look soft and clean, such as beige or amber color.
To enhance the visual appearance, you can apply the wall covering on one wall in red brick, orange, green, or gold. For color graduation, you can give pink, gray, or yellow to create a soothing atmosphere. As the finishing, you can provide a layer of semigloss paint to reflect light more.
2. Window
Do not use windows with too thick of frames. Because, the types of windows will block sunlight to enter the room, so the intensity is reduced. Choose a window with a thin and wide enough frame. After that, install thin and transparent blinds, especially for the daytime usage to enable sunlight entering the room. This thin blinds can also hinder your room look, so the conditions in your room is not clearly visible from the outside. Do not forget to clean the glass on a regular basis to keep it shiny and enable it to deliver the maximum sunlight.
3. Additional lighting
Low sunlight intensity room can be solved by adding additional artificial lights. You can choose various types of lighting and artificial lighting, such as overhead light fixtures, recessed lighting, chandeliers, wall lights and table lamps. You can also choose halogen lamp that looks like an artificial sun. Halogen light bulbs have a more calm nature and gentle compared to incandescent bulb in general, but still warmer than fluorine lights.
4. Furniture
You should limit the number and size of the furniture in the low-light room so that the room does not look overcrowded. In addition, do not use furniture with color - dark colors because the furniture does not reflect sunlight completely. You should select light colored and transparent surfaced furnitures. For example, select a table made of glass or metal because the two materials can reflect light.
5. Floor
Replace your dark colored tiles with white tiles so that the light is in the room can be reflected. If you want to use carpet, do not choose the dark color like black, dark brown, or maroon. Instead, choose a light soft color like ivory white or light brown. Also, do not use wood flooring, because wood has a natural dark color. Choose flooring or tiles with a slightly glossy surface to make it look shiny and lustrous.
6. Accessories and decor
You need to control the amount and type of accessories put in the room, to avoid the cramped situation. Don't clutter accessories, but centralize in one place. And, select the type of accessories which are visually appealing. For example, ceramics, vases, or decoration of metal such as mirrors, chandeliers, picture frames, etc..You can also provide shades of green with artificial plants in the room.
Good luck :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Building Additional Room in the House

When we build a house, we often find that the house is not enough to accommodate our growing need of rooms. If we have excess land area in the house, we could utilize an empty area home to be built into a new room or space. Additional room is often used as a child's bedroom or guest bedroom. Additional space is also often functioned as a bathroom because of the amount of existing bathrooms are still not able to accommodate the needs of homeowners.
Whatever the purpose of using this additional space, you should already have a clear idea of ​​the functions of the room. So, you are not wrong in this development plan. The plan to build additional space, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
1. Make the design layout first.
Use a pencil and sketch pad to sketch. As a first step, you do not need to create a design layout that is too complicated. Just create simple shapes like squares or circles as a representation of the room. Begin by laying out the room from the door first. Then specify where the location of windows, toilets, and other features of the room that you want to include, such as the place to install the air conditioner or furnace.
2. Specify the width and area of ​​the room.
Make sure the width does not exceed the availability of vacant land. Make sure also that the addition of this room will not disturb the function of the other rooms. However, if you want to build an extra room on the top floor, make sure that your house has a strong foundation base, so it can withstand more load than the extra room.
3. Choose a theme design.
The design theme of course refers to the function of the additional space. You can choose modern design theme, traditional, contemporary, classic, or feminine. After determining the theme and concept design of the room, do not forget to record the features of any room you need to customize the design concept of the room.
4. Make extra room layout design.
Make layout design to maximize the natural light from the outside. If you want a room with lots of light intensity, the experts recommends the room needs to face southward, so the sunlight can get in from the left and right side of the room.
5. Plan the location of windows and air ventilations
Determine how many windows you want in the room. For a room that will be used as a bedroom, living room, or kitchen, choose a solar window. This window is able to reduce energy consumption in a room. By installing this window, then you can reduce the usage of heating, cooling, or lighting. Put the solar window 20 degrees from the south. It is intended to reduce solar gain (temperature increase due to sunlight) up to 5 percent.
6. Note the color scheme on additional space.
Create a color scheme that represents the design and the theme, as well as the function of the room nicely. For that, choose a color that can highlight the presence of furniture and other features in the room. You can also select the soft or bright tones, especially for a child's bedroom. Colors like beige, gray, bone white, or pastel colors are some examples that can accentuate the room itself, but not too bold. As an accent, add a lighter color such as blue, green, red, pink, or orange. The colors are also lighter colors which can brighten the base, so the room does not seem dull.
7. Pay attention to the floor.
Determine what type of flooring you want for this additional space, whether it be regular with ceramic tile flooring, wood flooring, or even the natural rock floor. For the bedroom, you should use a floor made of ceramic. However, for the bathroom, you can experiment applying natural rock floor.
8. Selection of appropriate furniture.
Choose furnitures that will complement with the room. To align with the concept of furniture and interior design theme, you'll want to choose furniture with a matching color to the wall and floor color or the  floor. So, furniture and features in this room will be more integrated. Finally, you can create a focal point that will be the focus of this room standpoint. The focal point could be a fireplace or TV and other electronic devices.
Good luck.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Environment-Friendly Office Efforts

It is undeniable that an office or workspace is the area that consume the most energy. almost every activity that is done in this space quite wasteful of energy, from the use of electrical energy when we turn on the AC, using a computer for work. In addition to electricity, the usage of paper causes the natural resource excess usage. Paper is a material extracted from the bark of the tree. With the excessive use of paper, we would accelerate harvesting new trees in the wild.Indeed, the paper is still the mainstay for print documents, but public awareness to recycle these papers are so minimal. Most of the paper used in the office, especially the papers contain company documents, are not recyclable. Rather, the papers were destroyed in shredder machine.
There are a lot of things we can do in the work area to minimize energy use. Ranging from the selection and arrangement of environmentally friendly furniture, the arrangement of the workspace layout that maximizes the potential of natural energy, to the efficiency of the use of electronic tools. Want to know what the wise steps that we can take to reduce energy consumption in the workspace ? Consider the following.
1. Reduce paper usage.
The evidence suggests that thousands of trees are cut just to produce paper for office use. In fact, it took several years to grow a tree. To minimize the use of these papers, you can do all the office work digitally, eg write and store data in a file on your computer, and send letters via email. Do not print documents into paper too often, unless it's really important documents. Do not forget, always recycle paper that has been used.
Not only paper, other objects such as, cardboard, bottles, used electronic equipment can be recycled and reused. For example we can reuse paper through the usage of paper on both sides, or melting into pulp and molded back into recycled paper. With a touch of creative hands, recycled paper craft can be sold and marketed.
2. Use furniture or recycled goods.
Although less prevalent, we can choose the furniture and other items for the office are made from recycled materials. For example, buying a tisue box of crafts made from old boxes, choose a pencil holder from tin cans, or use a vase of bottles. In addition, you can buy furniture and electronic equipment from recycled plastic materials or carbon. This you can find on the websites of international trading offering Green Office Furniture / Product.
3. Select electronics products which compact and has many functions
Nowadays, many electrical appliances in offices that have more than one function. For example, compared to buying a fax machine, copier, printer, and scanner separately, it would be wise if you buy an electronic device that is able to accommodate such functions. Select a device with a compact design to minimize space usage.
4. Choose lighting that has a high level of energy efficiency.
Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps, or better known as the CFL as a type of energy-saving lamps. In addition to using CFL bulbs, you can also choose LED lights. Both are proven energy-saving lamps compared with ordinary light bulb types. Both lights are also believed to have a longer period of lifetime, so you do not need to buy repeatedly. It is better to buy a lamp with a higher price but can live for years, compared to buying the lights that are much cheaper but its durability is quite brief, lasting only about one or two years.
5. Put up a lot of windows / glass walls.
Maximize the use of natural light can be done by installing a lot of windows or glass wall on the office. The glass walls to maximize natural light potential for use as lighting in the office, especially in the daytime.
6. Add living plants in the area if necessary.
In addition to make it look more beautiful and environmentally friendly, live plants can give a touch of freshness to your workspace. It can refresh tired eyes after a long day at the computer. However, make sure that the fresh plant is placed in an area that gets enough sunlight, so plants can grow.
7. Switch off electrical appliances when no one in the room.
Although it looks simple, but many people forget the importance of turning off lights, television, or computer monitor when not in use. In fact, by doing little savings applied continuously, there will be both a tremendous impact to reduce energy consumption and save the environment.
Good luck.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Metallic-S for Modern Interiors

Metallic finish lures eyes in the first glance and this is what has always made this option in style for fashion freaks. Being a desirable choice for modern interior, most people see it as a perfect choice for adding sophistication and attitude in the atmosphere. If you have not tried metallic before, then you need not worry, as these are available in different forms. Here are some easy tips that you can follow.

To start with, bathrooms and kitchens can be a good choice. Initially, you can choose to have metallic as a new hardware option and target the door handles in your lavatory and kitchen. Upgrading the kitchen cabinets with metallic handles will surely leave you with a good experience.

Next on the list are your appliances. You can opt for high tech appliances with chrome or silver finish to have that stunning metallic aura in your work space. Metallic faucets in stylish chrome with a sleek finish can also be a good addition to your kitchen

You can embellish your dining area with metallic candleholders. When lit, the brightness of candle flame reflects the shining surface of the metallic candle holder and creates a perfect ambiance for you to enjoy the dinner with your loved ones. Moreover, these cool reflective options will also fantastically entertain your guests.

In addition to this, you can invest your money on metallic vases. These vases can add beauty to the room corners and can even embroider your table tops. Not only this, vases can also be used to garnish the patios and create a more calm atmosphere outside.

These are some tips that can be used while introducing metallic-S in your interior d├ęcor. So, tag along these ideas and sprinkle the charm of metal everywhere in your home interior.