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Gothic Architecture Details

Gothic or gothic architecture model was first introduced in France as the builder, glass makers, and other art craftsmen to realize the wishes of their religious leaders. Gothic was first introduced by the name of French Style or Style a la France. The typical model of gothic architecture is firmness in the forms of arches, colorful glass, and stone carvings.
Everything that smells "nature"  is not shown in the classic French style architecture. Although the Italian artist himself calls this model architectural style as the "barbaric" style, but the fact is now a French style or Gothic architecture is applied in many modern homes today.
Type of Gothic Architecture and Design
Gothic architectural design have characteristics to`be simple without many decorations. The walls tend to be neutral and dark shady, along with floors made ​​of dark wood, too. The room is spacious or narrow, the tendency use vertical lines always tried to present in this type of gothic space.
Using chandeliers, curtains that hung long down to the floor, wall tapestries wrapped, decorations and other gothic style to highlight the vertical line itself.
The most ornate Gothic style mimics the style of religious architecture that focuses on the spirit of eternal paradise. This is reinforced by the presence of long candles and vases with long necks that represents the vertical height (road to heaven).
Gothic Furniture
Gothic-style furniture styles tend toward antiques and ancient. This is especially due to the influence of the British in the 19th century. Application of vertical lines with a firm surface is complex and includes the density of the objects or furniture. Chair mostly straight and tall with milestones and a whole board that mimics the design of the seats in the church. Oak wood is a material that is often used as a raw material for chairs or other furniture.
In the gothic furniture, we could not find a private cabinets. Wardrobe, drawers and other storage areas are used by the entire family. Thus, all objects contained in the storage area becomes the property of the family, and not a private property. For additional decoration, cupboards are usually carved to give the artistic yet simple impression
The drawers in the kitchen were carved with various ornaments and carvings make it more appealing. In fact, wardrobe rich people sometimes carved with decorations or ornaments like a wild animal claws, while the door handles are usually decorated with flowers ornaments.
Gothic Fabric
Gothic design complexity does not just stop at the application of the design space and the selection of furniture, but also on the use of fabric in parts of the house such as curtains, rugs, pillow cases, and tablecloths. Most of the fabric used on the fabric and color selection reflects the development of the popular cloth industry at that time.
The design and shape of the complex and intricate tapestries reflect typical medieval fabrics. Designs and gothic ornament fabric to highlight the bright colors and tend to be sharp with figures of animals and plants.Use cloth hanger made ​​of dark wood or iron that has been polished gothic reinforce the impression itself.
Along with the development of industry and trade of fabrics, lots of fine fabrics and expensive-introduced.This makes mixing characteristics between gothic cloth and fabrics other models were introduced to the public. Silk, for example, the fabric tends to represent wealth and prosperity.
In addition, the influence of the eastern nations are also shown in the forms of flowers on the rug wide and broad enough to cover all parts of the room.
Color and lighting gothic style
The colors widely used in gothic architecture tends to have the glamorous impression. It is widely applied to the glass window as applied to religious buildings. The light emitted from the outside going into the room with a dazzling reflection because of the assertive colors and bright in the glass window.
However, if you do not want experimentin with glass windows, you can use a light colored glass and sunlight window to strengthen these lights. Artificial lights were used to create a symbol that resembles a candle flame.
To that end, artificial lights or lights that used to be a small and not too bright and numerous. It is better than using one large lamp with bright light.

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