Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Household Furniture Cleaning Using Lemon

Cleaning stains and remnants of cooking in the kitchen is pretty tiring. However, if not immediately cleaned up, then the stain will settle and more difficult to clean. Therefore, after a time it is better to cook a moment to clean up the remnants of the stain.
Stains or dirt leftover contains fat and a lot of oil. This happens when you cooked foods that are fatty, such as curry. For that, you need to look for a powerful cleaning solution to remove stains that contain lots of oil.
This cleaning solution can easily be bought in the stores. However, the side effect of this cleaning fluid could cause stinging in the skin and the eyes. Chemical cleaning solution is effective in cleaning the greasy stains. But are you prepared with the side effects?
For that, it's worth switching to a natural cleanser. What Is it? Lemons! Yes, lemons are known for virulence in fade stains and dirt in the kitchen. Lemon can work effectively in removing stains because the liquid contained lemon citrus acid is quite high but with low pH.
In addition, lemon contains natural anti-bacterial liquid that is not only able to clean grease and oil, but also the bacteria in your kitchen. And certainly, liquid lemon is a natural substance. So, you need not worry about harmful chemicals contamination.
In addition to powerful in removing stains from the remnants of cooking in the kitchen, lemon fluid is also able to eradicate stains, bacteria and crust that is the equipment in the bathroom such as bathtubs, faucets, bathroom floor and tub. Not only that, the liquid lemon is also shown to be a natural bleach for your clothes and make clothing colors become brighter.
With a variety of benefits that are owned lemon, it is no wonder if lemon is a versatile cleaner that can be used in all parts of your home . To make the cleaning fluid from the lemon, the following tips:
1. To clean the cooking and cleaning furniture
Take a lemon and cut it into two parts. Soak in a bowl of water and leave it a while. Use this liquid to clean the surface of the sink, door glass, prints made of iron, pots, pans, stainless steel and other cooking equipment. To maximize its function in removing stains, you can add baking soda to the lemon and let sit for a moment before it is used as a scrub.
2. Whiten and polish dispenser and washing machine
Instead of using chlorine for bleaching chemicals and make your stuff look white and bright, you better replace it with this lemon liquid. Add one tablespoon of lemon liquid to clean and make brilliant dispenser or your washing machine. Allow a few moments, and you will see appliances in your house more brilliant than ever.
3. Cleaning the inside of the microwave
To clean your microwave, take a lemon and squeeze the water to produce a half cup of lemon juice. Pour on a tray or heat resistant container. Put on micorwave and set the heat on medium level. Let stand for 1 to 3 minutes and let stand until the liquid lemon fumes spread throughout the inside of the microwave. After that, remove the container containing the liquid lemon.
Let your microwave for a few minutes before cleaning. Vapor from a liquid lemon peel will be able to dirt, bacteria, and toxins resulting from the combustion of the stick on microwave
4. Cleaning stains and crust that sticks to food containers
Squeeze half the lemon juice and pour into food containers to be cleaned. Let stand for several hours. Then, add baking soda and table salt and water lightly. Scrub the stains for a while until the food container is completely gone.
5. Clean the bottom of the pan
The bottom of the pot is the easy part and filled blackened angus. To clean it, mix a little salt with lemon liquid. Stir briefly until slightly thickened. Then, use a dry cloth to clean the pot with a mixture of lemon and salt earlier. In recent times the swab, then the bottom of the pan you will be clean again.
Important Tips:
1. Given the fluid lemon is a natural bleach, then power can be huge in making the goods to be white and bright again. To that end, the use for colored clothes, then use this little lemon liquid.
2. If you do not have a lemon, you can replace it with lemon extract which you can get at the supermarket. Before use, store in the refrigerator for quite a long time before it is ready for use.
Good luck :)

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